Government Contacts

Federal Contacts
Prime Minister of Canada
Honourable Stephen Harper
80 Wellington Street
Ottawa, ON  K1A 0A2
Toll Free: 1-800-622-6232
Fax: 416-325-3745

Provincial Contacts

Premier of Ontario
Honourable Dalton McGuinty
Office of the Premier, Legislative Building
Queen’s Park
Toronto, ON
M7A 1A1
Toll Free: 1-800-267-8097
Fax: 416-325-3745
Leeanna Pendergast
Kitchener – Conestoga
Liberal Party
1170 Fischer Hallman Road, Suite 230
Kitchener, ON
N2E 3Z3
Tel: 519-571-3276
Fax: 519-571-8660
Gerry Martiniuk
Progressive Conservative Party
2 – 410 Hespeler Rd
Cambridge, ON
N1R 6J6
Tel: 519-623-5852
Fax: 519-623-3250
Honourable John Milloy
Kitchener Centre
Liberal Party
6C – 1770 King Street East
Kitchener, ON
N2G 1P1
Tel: 519-579-5460
Fax: 519-579-2121
Elizabeth Witmer
Kitchener – Waterloo
Progressive Conservative Party
375 University Ave East
Waterloo ON
N2K 3M7
Tel: 519-725-3477
Fax: 519-725-3667

Municipal Contacts

Regional Municipality of Waterloo
150 Frederick Street
PO Box 9051 Station ‘C’
Kitchener, ON
N2G 4J3

Tel: 519-575-4400
Fax: 519-575-4449
Regional Chair Ken Seiling

Tel: 519-575-4585
Fax: 519-575-4440
City of Cambridge
73 Water Street North
PO Box 669
Cambridge, ON
N1R 5W8
Tel: 519-623-1340
Fax: 519-740-3011
Mayor Doug Craig
City of Kitchener
200 King Street West
PO Box 1118
Kitchener, ON
N2G 4G7
Tel: 519-741-2286
Fax: 519-741-2775
Mayor Carl Zehr
City of Waterloo
100 Regina Street South
PO Box 337
Waterloo, ON
N2J 4A8
Tel: 519-886-1550
Fax: 519-747-8500
Mayor Brenda Halloran
Grand River Conservation Authority
400 Clyde Road,
PO Box 729
Cambridge, ON 
N1R 5W6
Tel: 519-621-2761
Fax: 519-621-4844
Township of North Dumfries
1171 Greenfield Road, R.R. #4,
Cambridge, ON 
N1R 5S5
Tel: 519-621-0340
Fax: 519-623-7641
www.township.northdumfries.on.caMayor Kim Denouden
Township of Wellesley
4639 Lobsinger Line, R.R. #1
St. Clements, ON 
N0B 2M0
Tel: 519-699-4611
Fax: 519-699-4540
Mayor Ross Kelterborn
Township of Wilmot
60 Snyder’s Road West
Baden, Ontario
N3A 1A1
Toll Free: 1-800-469-5576
Fax: 519-634-5522
www.wilmot.caMayor Wayne Roth

Township of Woolwich
69 Arthur Street South, P.O. Box 158
Elmira, ON
N3B 2Z6
Tel:  519-669-1647
www.woolwich.caMayor William L. Strauss